Bamboo defense

Bamboo defense

Engine: Dall-E2

Prompt: A baby panda holding a knife, hiding behind bamboo plants, snowing, extremely detailed, portrait

Sources: reddit,


I love the style of this one, it's very painterly. The knife looks great, it contrasts aesthetically and conceptually with the cute baby panda holding it.

prompt breakdown

Our subject: baby panda hiding behind bamboo


Watching a panda through the stalks of bamboo plants, it's a nice visual and the green works nicely as a dash of color to contrast the panda fur.

Note: here I'm diverging from the prompt of the above image slightly, as I've found better way's of getting to the desired result since.

Let's pretend the panda is hiding in the bushes with a knife. That's scary, but also funny. Let's try something non-photoreal and switch it to: digital art

These look cool! The drawn digital art style works super well. We'll throw portrait into the prompt, it will make the images more realistic and less cartoon-y and ensure good framing.


A bit of natural visual noise will give them the final touch. We could let it rain, but for when it's snowing we see it better than rain.