• Engine: Dall-E2

  • Prompt: Digital Art of an astronaut helmet visor exploding in a large amount of little pieces, smoke blasting out, a galaxy reflects, water bubbles, water turns red

  • Sources:


A detour from photo-realism and into exploring the digital art mode. The image of this post is beautifully chaotic with a dash of red and might look good on a large canvas!

An interesting visual is a helmet (astronaut, diver, etc.) shattering and some sort of decompression happening. but no specific art style in mind. Non-photo realistic, but dramatic.

This prompt is slightly longer so let's get to it.

prompt deconstruction

As always, we start simple so we can control the output:

astronaut helmet exploding


Promising! First thing I notice is the debris and small particles emanating from the helmet. That's a cool look that I would want to spread wider. Some damage to the visor could be cool. A couple of things to add to the prompt, but before we ensure that we don't get anything too photo-real:

digital art

A very common prompt addition to force a high quality non-photo art style:

This bring us closer to that painterly, ethereal art style we are looking for. Now let's make sure the visor is also blowing up to add more drama to the shot:

astronaut helmet visor exploding

The first row, second picture has a visor that is exploding outwards, but most images don't. I've seen it a few times that Dall-E omits certain details in some/most shots. We'll continue from here without forcing the visor part too much, let's just assume for now that at least some pictures will incorporate that detail.

Time to add busy details to the picture:

astronaut helmet visor exploding + in a large amount of little pieces


Look at all this detail! Tons of debris is flying out and there's a touch of dust or smoke. Even though there are no broken visors, we're on the right path. The next few steps will add more chaos to the images:

smoke blasting out


The frame is becoming more and more full of busy details. Although it is visually striking, the color variation is a bit dull. Some highlights would be nice, so let's add them.

prompt addition: a galaxy reflects

We just want the debris to reflect some light, and a galaxy fits with the astronaut theme and in a lot of art comes in pretty colours while also containing lots of small detail.


And most pictures have indeed gained a purple ish hue, tinting the debris.

We are almost there, a bit more detail:

prompt addition: water bubbles

There is no water in space (there is just not like that), but we're making art here!
Bubbles help make it feel underwater and contribute to the chaos. Final touch will be a color highlight. Since we have established that we are in water, we can use that to add add some colour.

prompt addition: water turns red

Stunning! We have reached the final prompt, the output is what we wanted, now we regenerate a few times until we have the desired image.

A compact prompt is always nice, so let's remove visor from the prompt. Maybe it won't make a difference:

Not really, it may keep the framing a little closer to the helmet, but it's hard to say for sure. We can probably drop the term visor from the final prompt.

- Daniel