Kitten wearing glasses

Kitten wearing glasses
  • Engine: Dall-E2

  • Prompt: A 35mm macro shot of a kitten wearing glasses, extremely detailed

  • Sources:

After creating an elephant children's book for my daughter (article coming up), I wanted to see what the photo realistic stuff looks like.

The flow is similar, simple prompts and if the concept seems feasible, refine the visual style.

This photo came out of a couple generations with the final prompt and has a great frame. The glasses have texture and the lights bouncing off the rim, as well as the studio lighting make this look like a professional shot.

prompt breakdown

We start simple:

kitten wearing glasses


I already like this, adorable kittens wearing glasses. Although they appear amateurish, like someone using their phone.

We professionalize by adding:


The term 35mm here refers to a specific type of lens, or more specifically a focal length. Although this is not a very exotic focal length in a lens, the Dall-E training data that contains this tag probably uses higher end photography gear, so we want that look.


These shots are already quite good, but we really want that a lot of detail in the shot

extremely detailed

Our final prompt is now kitten wearing glasses, 35mm, extremely detailed


We will regenerate this prompt until a particular aesthetic one appears. That can happen immediately or quite a few generations into the process, depending on the prompt.

It's a very simple prompt that produces great results. Dall-E obviously has ingested a lot of high quality kitten photography.

I approve!

- Daniel