Rainbow Journey

Rainbow Journey

source: reddit.com

prompt: studio, dark bg, back of the head, (1-90) year old woman with rainbow hair, portrait


I enjoy these colourful collages made up from related Dall-E prompts. Similar to the United Raccoons of Benetton I was looking for good photo real subjects to put up as a collage. As OpenAI terms and conditions prohibit the sharing of photo real faces I settled on capturing rainbow coloured hair from girls/women of varying ages, namely 1 all the way up to 90 (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 90 years old).


Nothing too surprising if you've seen some of my other generations. studio and dark bg will ensure a nice, consistent quality. back of the head guarantees that we won't be seeing any photo real faces.

Overall this was mostly an exercise in finding the right generation among the 9 different prompts that fit a somewhat common style.


One of the images had a noticable artifact along the neckline. I first tried to remove it via external image editing, but it didn't look right, but I also couldn't find am equally fitting image for that spot (30 year old, the 4th image of the series).

So I used inpainting to generate a new neckline/necklace area, which worked out very well.