Strawberry sneeze

Strawberry sneeze

Engine: Dall-E2

Prompt: a baby fennec sneezing onto a strawberry, detailed, macro, studio light, droplets, backlit ears

Sources:, reddit


Fennecs are adorable, ok? You can think otherwise, but you'd be wrong. I used the fennec in a different experiment, so I figured I could try a close up shot of it in some silly scenario, like a cute animal sneezing on fruit.

It totally works out too, the shot looks professional, great composition, great lighting of the ears.

prompt breakdown

We start simple: a baby fennec

Those ears! This animal will do just fine.

After some experimentation, we settle on the concept:

a baby fennec sneezing onto a strawberry


These are hilarious! Most people won't be taking smartphone shots of their pet-fennecs, so you can imagine that the training data flowing into Dall-E was already of higher quality, and you can see that these are already very nice.

We are going to bump the quality of the shot by using a few common helpers:

detailed, macro, studio light

We want to see the pores, so to speak, and be up close to the action


The overall quality only went up a little, we came from a good place. The trademark black background studio effect really makes the strawberry pop!

Those ears are as cute as they are huge, we really want to highlight them a little more.

We add: backlit ears


We are really close to our final shot. It looks good, but a bit sterile, it needs some noise. A sneeze produces normally droplets of water in the air, and with that much light, we'd see that.

Adding droplets


The prompt is complete and we regenerate until we're happy with the composition. As you can see, the prompt is pretty stable across results.

Fennec related training images seems to have been of high quality, these came out really well.

- Daniel