Underwater delight

Underwater delight

Engine: Dall-E2

Prompt: Underwater shot of a baby goat's head eating a carrot, water bubbles, particulate, extremely detailed, studio lighting

Sources: labs.openai.com, reddit


Photo real baby animals are a crowd pleaser, and putting them into visually pleasing scenarios is fun. Photo-real underwater shots are difficult to produce in real life, so they are a good contender for AI art.

Let's put a baby goat under water!

prompt breakdown

As always, the first prompt is simple:underwater shot of a baby goat

source: https://labs.openai.com/s/i3bAfjskYDtoRynaiBvpubSi

Adorable! You can already tell that this works, a baby goat under water is cute but also unexpected. Let's get a little closer so we can really enjoy that goat snout.

underwater shot of a baby goat + 's head

source: https://labs.openai.com/s/clpjSkVIRZn5d2dR6UEs1Ool

Up close and personal with these cute swimming goats. Swimming is hard work,  so let's give it a snack.

eating a carrot

source: https://labs.openai.com/s/XgcpyQpdOkyhi07qM3XCWfh0

Yum! The carrot is visually very pleasing with its orange glow and provides great contrast.

The shots could use some more texture.  Some water bubbles that refract the scene maybe:

water bubbles

source: https://labs.openai.com/s/xF1LXDxyQD94FXfjUwscL1u6

Much more dynamic and interesting, the bubbles refracting the scene really add to the realism.

A lot of underwater imagery show the fine floating particulate that exists in most bodies of water. It reflects back the light/flash and seems to just hover in the water. It can really sell a water scene:


The water looks great, bubbles and floaties, very dynamic and a good amount of noise. The concept works, now we bump the overall picture quality.

A pair of prompt additions that work well together:

extremely detailed and studio lighting

Dall-E training data containing these tags was surely of higher quality, as it implies high end equipment. So we instruct Dall-E dream up more professional looking imagery.

source: https://labs.openai.com/s/vRVkVK81gxbLZe8Pyb3eE8SJ

And a lot more texture and light was added to the scene and it turns the pictures from alright to stunning:

Almost every one of the pictures generated with this prompt looks fantastic. Some are sharper, or have more detail or better composition, so it's an exercise of regeneration and some luck to find the right one.

On to different animals!

- Daniel