source: https://www.reddit.com/r/dalle2/comments/ufhfdm

Dall-E is not great at rendering multiple specific, high detail elements. Via inpainting we can composite together separate high quality renders. First we generate some heads:

a racoon wearing headphones, studio, portrait, detailed

a red panda wearing a red hoodie and sticking out his tongue, studio, portrait, detailed

Aligned for fusion:

Remove the overlap with broad strokes, so it can be rebuilt.

Fusion result:

Unexpected, I asked for the red panda to wear a hoodie, instead it put a red jacket on the koala and had the red panda head poke out. Accidental, but it works, ready for uncropping:

A raccoon wearing headphones with a red panda sticking out of his shirt, studio, portrait, detailed

Final result:

Looks great, and really cohesive. Stitching and uncropping really bring Dall-E to the next level, being able to use multiple prompts and decide on the final framing via uncropping is really powerful!