United Raccoons of Benetton

United Raccoons of Benetton

source: reddit, labs.openai.com

prompt: happy raccoon wearing a yellow turtleneck, studio, portrait, facing camera, dark bg


Photo real furry mammals in a studio setting give very good, very photo real results.

The clothing worked out very well, even though sometimes the fur and turtleneck texture would merge a little. The turtleneck really sells the anthropomorphism.

Prompt breakdown

raccoon is self explanatory, we add happy to force a smile, which translates to a friendly expression, open mouth, slightly squinty eyes.

You can see the difference here:

studio, portrait as well as dark bg will ensure a neutral, dark background, portrait style framing and high quality lighting and photo equipment.

facing camera forces the raccoon to look straight into the camera, which makes for a better collage, as I don't want any raccoons to look off to the side or be captures in half-portrait.

wearing a yellow turtleneck is also self explanatory:

We could choose any garment, like a hoodie, or a t-shirt:

I prefer the turtlenecks, so now it's just an exercise to run the prompt for at least 9 times to capture all the colours and then find the right raccoon in each generation. We're looking for clothing that looks right, doesn't blend into the fur, a raccoon that looks pleasant and friendly with not too many artifacts, especially around the mouth. And voila, we have our final piece: