Wasteland Jr.

Wasteland Jr.

prompt: child wearing a skull mask, post-apocalyptic desert, holding a sythe, dust and grime, chromogenic medium print

I've been experimenting with different film stocks to see how well Dall-E can replicate the colour, grain, and overall feel of different analogue film types. I'm not an expert on analogue photography, but from what actual photographers have told me, it seems to come quite close.

I'm adding masks to the subjects, because photo-realistic faces are subject to OpenAI's terms and can't be publicly shared, but as they say, constraints are good for creativity.

This image evokes the wasteland, a Mad Max style dystopian future. The original generation was a little tightly cropped (as most of them are), so I zoomed out/uncropped a little bit, and doing so revealed the bleached colours to the sides. They evoke film that has been damaged by radiation and fits very well with the overall motif.

Here are all 10 generations that were part of this prompt: